About Us

The meticulously selected lighting fixtures of AMBIENT will guarantee that your space will reach the full potential of your newly created space. Intensify the best highlights, cast the right shadows and emphasize the perfect mid-tones of every surface while keeping it environment-friendly with our LED-powered lighting. In keeping with the times, AMBIENT exhibits an overall sense of modernity yet encompasses a great deal of variation: from minimalist and simplistic to architectural and crafty, all is perfect to amplify the style of your home or work. Penscott Corporation is a world class importer of fine furnitures. Founded in 2017, Penscott offers a vast range of products like sofas, beds, and dining tables. As home styles have evolved over the years, Penscott has evolved too by keeping up with the latest design trends of the day. This dynamic and flexible spirit is at the heart of everything we do and has been a key factor in the continued growth of the business.