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Lighting Tricks Interior designer use to create ambience in your Home.

Lighting Tricks Interior designer use to create ambience in your Home.

Tip#1 Make a lighting Plan.

When designing your homes, know the function of the room or area first before creating your lighting plan to tackle the essentials and to focus on the features of the room you want to highlight. Is it for working area, entertainment room or general area? From there you will know what types of light you will use.  Warm white, Cool white or maximize the natural lighting from your window.

Tip#2 Choose the bulb carefully

  1. How bright do you need your space?
  2. What atmosphere do you want to achieve in the area?
  3. Should energy efficiency be considered
  4. Are you trying to make a statement?

Tip#3 Make sure you give a proper lighting

Take a consideration for the function of the area.

Example 1: Kitchen area needs more lighting than entertainment area because cooking requires more concentrated lighting, the combination of downlight and recess lighting for cabinet and working spaces.

Example 2: Powder room needs a lighting in front of you with a combination of warm white and natural lighting than lighting above you. 

Tip#4 Layer Your lights

Take a layered approach to lighting to create interest in the room. Use lighting to make most of the area. Low hung pendants will create illusion of height and clusters of lighting make large room cozier.

Tip#5 Use light to highlight your favorites

Base from the tip 1, You can choose the design of your lighting fixture. Use lighting to focus on a feature wall, architectural element or key possession.

 For example: You can use the strip light to give accent to you walls or use a spotlight to highlight your painting, art piece or sculpture or plot a nice chandelier to your heigh ceiling living room or stairs.

Tip#6 Create a Mood

A combination of general lighting and accent chandelier to give warm and sophisticated ambience for your living room.

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